Animation Project 1
September 2, 2009, 5:13 am
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9/1/09 Hey! Summer is over and its back to school- so i’m back to blogging about various projects. This semester is going to be a doozy… but a blast.

Description: Today we were assigned our first Animation Project- and it sounds like great fun. We were assigned a flip book. We are supposed to select 4 consecutive letters (like hijk or mnop) and make a sentence out of them. then we are supposed to animate the sentence we wrote actually happening. At the moment i am still in research phase- going through and trying to see what other people are doing with flip books. there is some pretty amazing stuff out there! here are some youtube videos:


Cool videos about flipbooks:

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SyfFviZxhvQ&NR=1 —– I love the shadows they did in this one!

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HClNcAvD1AY —— cool shirt idea. Definitely might use this one.


I like this one because it zooms. I hadn’t really thought about that yet.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7IeSqVboADw&feature=fvw —- this one is intense. And this is why we are having global warming… too many sticky notes! just kidding. the bunny on here breaks my heart.

Thoughts about the project so far: My initial concern about this project is how to draw the same thing over and over without messing up. it seems like you would have to be really REALLY careful, and i’m not sure how to do that, exactly. But then i thought- oh hey. Use the computer. So what i’m thinking right now is about doing some claymation or else doing some type of drawn figures from flash or photoshop. I have also debated doing some still pictures… but i think first i should probably pick my topic.

Topic thoughts:

MNOP- Mouse Notices Octupus Playing

BCDE- Bunnies Can’t Die Ever

GHIJ- Giraffe Hugs Igloos Jokingly

QRST- Queens rarely self tan

CDEF- Cats don’t enjoy food

I can’t seem to really narrow anything down because i don’t have a media picked. and i can’t pick a media because nothing is narrowed down. what a circle. i will sleep on it and get back to you.

9/2/09 Hey- someone showed me this super cool video- made of all windows sounds. Very creative!- http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dsU3B0W3TMs

Decided on letters: WXYZ- Wizards Xxerox Yellow Zebras

i picked this one because it was the most visually stimulating in my head- nothing quite as distinctive as a wizard- or strange as a yellow zebra. And also my arbitrary side wanted to use wxyz.


Possible Obstacles:

  • how does a zebra move
  • do i want to use light with the xerox
  • is my solution too expected?

Well- 1 hour later and i have addressed these issues. I have figured  out the zebra:

Youtube video that helped with the zebra moving: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7zoFy720mVk

I am going to do a big “Flash” for the xerox machine maybe

I added camera angles (thanks for the idea Jeff)- and incorporated the movement of the camera into the story. It looks pretty cool- i have been sketching things out. exciting!



Phew! What a day of animation today was. I have made most of the stop animation frames… and strung it together to see how it looks in flash. Next big step… printing everything out and cutting and glueing it to stuff. You’ll just have to wait and see- but i sure like it. Its given me some cool ideas for my Gaming Animation project… which you will also have to wait and see:).


Its been awhile- so here’s an update from recent events. We (ahem, Jeff) and i decided that it would be sort of cool to add a twist to my pretty straight forward video- so that meant going back and redoing most of it. But- i think it was worth it. its longer now- and definitely cooler:) i’d tell you what the twist is… but i haven’t shown Jeff yet, so i’ll just make you wait. Now that i’m basically done- here are some of the things that i learned:

Tough Stuff:

  • Claymation is hard in some aspects- like set up and angles and scene changes
  • If you make a flip book too long… you can’t really flip it (unless you have monster hands)
  • keep your shots in order. When things change only a tiny bit- its easy to make mistakes
  • You can’t buy notecards in packs of 150. you have to cut 50 page packs open.


9/29/09 2 projects later…

I am REALLY enjoying seeing how complicated the movements people and objects make are. I had quite a struggle with walk cycles- trying to figure out where the actual movement happens. The run was a bit easier- since you move pretty much the whole time. I was surprised to see how complicated animal movements are- but i ended up with a fairly cute cat that i like. we did some exercises with stairs and things falling down them, which was fun and interesting to compare various aspects of objects. I am interested to use these concepts on my ecard projects. I like animation a lot more than i expected to- and i am liking the idea of doing both print and ecards. On a completely different note… i have been exploring stationary and invitations and i am also rather attracted to that idea.


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