April 9, 2009, 5:22 pm
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Our latest project in 3D class is to learn about z-brush.


A few days later- and i will admit that my hatred for this program is growing. It is confusing and i am struggling to see the point in learning this program since i do not plan on pursuing this line of work. The interface is infuriating and not at all intuitive. At this moment, i have accomplished approximately nothing that i have been assigned.



I have learned a little more now than i had last night. But i am not really becoming that much less frustrated. I have learned that to actually make an object in zbrush, one must use z spheres, otherwise you won’t be able to rotate the whole object at once. Interesting fact. I have also learned that if you try to deform a rhino- that the program will shut down, so you are much better off deforming a circle or a square. Zbrush is a very interesting tool, and i think that i mistook it at first for being a modeling program. It is not a modelling program. It seems to me- that it is a detailing program- no modelling allowed. I have done a few of the things we were supposed to accomplish, and i will definitely say that i like this lynda teacher alot better than the others. He doesn’t skip steps and do things between tutorials… which is nice.


Ok. So now i don’t hate zbrush anymore. I made some progress- and here are some pretty … and ugly… things that i have made.


I did face gen… and i may never be the same again. i… look like an alien. but it does look alot like me- so that is sort of cool. I finished my zbrush renderings. I ended up not hating zbrush as much as i thought i would. I like the basic stuff that i know- but i probably won’t end up using it too much in the future. then again- its another skill for my resume- so maybe i’ll end up being a zbrush master. hey. it could happen. 

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