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April 9, 2009, 5:02 pm
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Our new interactive project is to build a personal site. Which i am super excited about- because i have been trying to find time to build a site anyway. So- i am currently trying to decide on a style for my site. I’m sort of between the grunge look and the cute look. I’m trying to find something that is appealing to all people. So i have been researching. All semester, actually. so here are sites that i like. 

















these are just some of the sites i’ve found. i have some sketches… so i’ll have to go find those. i’m learning a little more toward having characters on the pages rather than complete generics… so i guess we’ll see about that.


i have made some little figures out of clay (which, by the way- is very theraputic) but now i am wondering if that type of site will be a little too cutsie for a broad audience. i am going to test the waters of a few other ideas i think, then hopefully FINALLY make a decision.


Decision made. Its official. I am doing a grungy popup book clamation. I made some huge changes to my home page prototype today- and i think they are pretty swell. i added some cool texture to the background- and made my buttons fold down from the top. cool eh? Bet you wish you could see it… but i don’t have it posted yet… so you can’t. sorry. but in good time.


still working on the website- loving how its going. its definitely my weird and quirky personality all wrapped up in a cool package. today i’m hoping to get the pdf links to function… and maybe go back and do some cool hover stuff. i am really enjoying the web design aspects of this semester. get excited- it’ll be done soon.


it is finished. and it got really weird and choppy at the end. its not perfect- but its workable. so i’m going to call it good for now. i ran into a big problem with space- so i’m hosting additional pdfs and swfs on other servers. phew. anyway- i’m pretty happy with it. check it out at http://students.oc.edu/riata.booky/portfolio6.swf 


until next time- peace.


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