Cinema 4D
January 24, 2009, 9:26 pm
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Learning Cinema 4D has been a challenge, but it has been incredibly interesting. Here is what i’ve learned so far:


My first spoon!

My first spoon!

My sphere. With the topography of a sand dune. And a shade applied.

My sphere. With the topography of a sand dune. And a shade applied.

My stapler. This was my first official thing... hopefully i'll get better

My stapler. This was my first official thing... hopefully i'll get better

The maze. My maze isn't so much a maze... more of an artistic map of my brain.

The maze. My maze isn't so much a maze... more of an artistic map of my brain.


































This is the beginning of my table setting. i’m sort of attracted to the star design- just because its little kiddish- and thats sort of my angle. but i’m going to think about that.


3D Project 1
January 18, 2009, 10:22 pm
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I have decided to do a tea party for my table setting project. I think it might do a little girl tea party, but haven’t actually decided yet, since i don’t have the foggiest about how to actually do the modelling for this assignment. That being said- the following research is contingent on tea parties.

















Tea Research:

Materials: sterling silver, bone china, porcelain

<Copied directly from Wikipedia>

A typical tea set contains the following items:

in addition, a formal tea service would include:


          Began in China 206-220 BC

          Tea leaves were crushed into cakes


Tea Party:

          Usually an all women gathering

          Based on a very ritualized tradition

          Began in Victorian age in Britain

          Sign of status

          Sometimes associated with debutant events

          Emily Post covered the etiquette in her writing


Tea Food:

            Scones with cream and jams

Small finger sandwiches

Tea Culture:

            There is a culture regarding tea in basically every populated part of the world. This is copied directly from Wikipedia- it’s a great compilation. Wikipedia actually has articles about all of these- this is just the table of contents.




i am going to make the bottoms rounder i think

i am going to make the bottoms rounder i think


so i’m having a problem with my fork. my fork is hollow. how did this happen? i have no idea.     
my hollow fork. one fork of 2 that turned out to be hollow. on the upside, the tines are getting better.

my hollow fork. one fork of 2 that turned out to be hollow. on the upside, the tines are getting better.

i’m also struggling with carpet. is the pattern supposed to be this large? 
my table. i like the cloth... but not the carpet so much
my table. i like the cloth… but not the carpet so much
also- what about walls. how do  you texture walls. why do walls make weird shadows? 
these walls are pink. or supposed to be

these walls are pink. or supposed to be








































































































































walls are getting better… got myself a snazzy border 














i made walls. and a teddy bear.

i made walls. and a teddy bear.

i would definitely hang out here.

i would definitely hang out here.
















i added some homey touches. now i would actually live here, not just hang out.

i added some homey touches. now i would actually live here, not just hang out.










updates on my room

updates on my room









as you can see- the mobile is new.. the window and curtains are new… the markers and paper are new… i’ve been busy. here is one with the new bookshelf… still in progress 


now there is shelves

now there is shelves







So i finally got a rendering i like. (on the 4th try). It took 20 hours… but it looks pretty good. However, i didn’t manage to get the entire thing copied, and will therefore have to try that again tomorrow. Now that this project is coming to a close, i’d like to reflect on the ups and downs of this project.


The ups:

I got to learn a news software. And after learning the basics, the same principles were applied to nearly every shape, making experiementing fun.

I got to explore the idea of a child’s room, which is fun and interesting because i miss being a kid sometimes, and researching rooms was really fun.


The project allowed for alot of freedom in what we wanted to take an interest in. Something which i appreciate, since i rather loath having people instruct me too stricly.

The project was pleasent and mostly enjoyable, making the long hours dedicated to it more than bearable.


The downs: (struggles)

Learning new software is usually moderately frustrating, with its unique ins and outs to learn. I fought with extrusion extensively, and struggled with the sweep nurb at first.

I am the type of person who likes to be able to work on things whenever and wherever i please. having to be in the lab during specific times, most of which do not fit my schedule, was a bit of a struggle for me.

I also struggled with realism. because my project is a kids room, things look differently than the real size. It was a struggle to make dishes that look like real dishes, but dishes that belong to children.



I enjoyed this project. I like the freedom to model what i like. I like the software for the most part, and have grown fond of 3d modelling.





Interactive:Project 1 Phase 1
January 15, 2009, 9:49 pm
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The assignment: Make a website  highlighting a local restaurant including the categories given. 

The problem: Vintage Coffee i have chosen is very small, and is not online. This means that they are taking a significant publicity blow. 

The competition: 





Starbucks has exploded recently (not literally, in a successful way). The problem with Starbucks as competition is that they are a corporate chain… with superior resources of staff and monetary benefits. 


a popular starbucks ad

a popular starbucks ad











Full Cuphttp://fullcupedmond.com


Full Cup in Edmond

Full Cup in Edmond






Full cup is a bakery in addition to a coffee shop, capable of catering events. This means that they pull customers that are interested in a variety of donuts and pastries in addition to a hot beverage. On the other side of the coin, however, one can assume that their coffee is less exotic than others. 

Daylight Donutshttp://www.daylightdonuts.com


donuts from daylight donuts

donuts from daylight donuts











Daylight Donuts not only has coffee at a reasonable price, they have a variety of donuts. They are a national chain, with a large amount of resources. They also offer ice cream, appealing to all tastes. 

McDonalds: http://www.mcdonalds.com/

A Mcdonalds store
A McDonalds store










McDonalds offers cheap, good coffee. They are located on practically every corner, and offer a variety of breakfast foods. This appeals to those with children, those who want a solid breakfast, and those who are in a hurry. 


Other: An important distinction about these competitors- though they rival Vintage in product, only Starbucks offers atmosphere. This might be a good basis for the campaign.


Restaurant Sites I like: 

http://www.citybites.net/— this website is really fun. Its a very cartoony take on a serious restaurant. I wasn’t expecting such a light hearted sight… and though i’m not crazy about the site as a whole, i do think that its important to be unexpected.

www.fourtoronto.com— I love the design of this site. Its very unusual to see a restaurant with a sight that isn’t a menu bar, a logo at the top, and pictures in the middle. I also love the incorporation of tasteful movement in the page, and the overall simplicity that the sight offers. I am definitely considering their design ideas in my planning.

http://www.chilis.com/— There is alot that i can’t stand about this sight. However, i like the parchment-style background. Which is why its on my list, i feel that that look might be useful to me very soon.

http://www.ihop.com/— I like the top menu on this page. The drop down with the second level as simple text is an idea that i am very attracted to. I am actually looking for a pure text drop down, and this is the closest thing that i have come across thus far.

http://www.caviarteria.com/— I like how this site stays condescend to a square. I find the movement a little distracting, but also intriguing.

http://www.virgilsbbq.com/ — What sticks out most about this sight is the animation of all the elements. I find it very interesting that every link causes a small flurry of movement. In the proper context, this is probably a fantastic idea. Still not sure if its something i’m looking to use in this project, however.

http://www.bojangles.com/ — Another great top menu. I actually found this site looking for a different bojangles. I don’t really care for that much yellow, but it is a very simple sight, which i like very much. i also appreciate the rounded corners on the pictures.

http://www.bluebottlecoffee.com/ — i LOVE nearly everything about this sight. I love the tasteful flash, i love the set up, and how smoothly it works. I love the music. Its definitely my favorite restaurant sight thus far. I rarely care for flash in web design, but this is a fantastic reason to learn it.

http://www.thebluechair.com/ — i like the horizontal tabs in this site. They look like recipe cards, and i think thats very unique.

http://www.zokacoffee.com/ — I like the top and bottom’s repetition. it makes the site feel unified. I do wish, however, that the main picture didn’t take quite as long to load. I like the simplicity, and i like the color scheme.


In summary: I plan on emulating something unexpected so far as design is concerned, and using flash in a tasteful and creative way.


The Visit: 

I visited vintage coffee today. Apparently they’ve had several people use them for this project, and the the guy i spoke to actually did this assignment himself. The atmosphere is great, they have free wireless, and their coffee is incredible. I took alot of pictures- i will post them soon. They are a Christian establishment… so they are closed Sundays. But definitely come by any other day- its worth your time. 













Flash is coming along pretty well. I know its been awhile- but there was a bit of a gap in the progress. I have, however, come up with not only a theme, but 6 working pages. so i’m definitely thrilled. i will proceed to attempt to upload my  movie. no promises. 


Nope. wouldn’t go. Sorry. i’ll work on that. 



Today- i have decided (with help) to make things a bit more sketchy. mind you- that probably doesn’t mean much to you- because i can’t make it upload. i shall try again. one moment please. flash

that didn’t go very well. but here is a jpeg of the pre-sketchy version. 






I have made things sketchy. It looks actually alot better, and after about 10 hours of work yesterday. Its taken on a quirky and fun feel, which i like alot, because alot of websites are very corporate. I have alot of stick figures involved, and i think that they will make anyone smile. still haven’t figured out how to post swfs, so i’m working on that. But since we’re at the end of the project, i’d like to reflect on the goods and bads.


The goods:

Learning flash was quick and easy and instantly rewarding.


I have actually already used my newly found flash skills in the work place, which is always encouragin.


Flash is fun. It is simple to use and definitely allows alot of creative freedom.


The bads:


The schedule for this class is identical to the schedule for my 3d animation class. While its nice to have everything done at the same time- there is alot of pressure with time management associated with balancing two classes equally. I spent alot more time on my cinema than on my flash in the beginning, which led me to being rather behind in flash towards the end.


I am currently fighting with my hit states on several words. They have been executed properly, but still don’t work. so i’ll be looking into those later.


I made my site small, but if you open it in html, it seems plenty big.


I had to redo all my symbols after most of the site was done… which means that i got to learn about editing symbols and how that operates.



Over all- i’m a fan of flash. I love web design- so learning a new facet is always a pleasure. I enjoy flash and look forward to a lengthy relationship with it in the future.

Hey- its posted, go check it out!   http://students.oc.edu/riata.booky/index.html


So- on a totally different note- i made a card for my parents using flash. It didn’t take me that long- but they absolutely loved it. i’m sort of thinking about doing some flash cards and submitting them to hallmark or something. Flash and i- definitely friends. Soon- i plan to redo my personal site using flash. i’ll let you know!

January 15, 2009, 7:18 pm
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This marks the beginning of my blog for 3D Modeling and Animation, and Interactive Media Design. In the interest of full disclosure, I am not and do not claim to be a blogger of any variety.